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31 January 2023 marks the kick-off event of EDIH-EBE an acronym for European Digital Innovation Hub - Energy in the Built Environment... and you are most welcome to attend!

For whom?

Are you working in a Flemish company or public sector organisation active with energy applications in the construction sector? Then your presence at this kick-off event should definitely not be missed.

Where and When?



Many Flemish companies and public sector organisations engaged in energy applications in the construction sector are not yet sufficiently aware of the opportunities associated with further digitalisation. However, embracing new advanced digital technologies is essential to improve products, processes and services in order to increase the energy efficiency of construction and renovation of buildings and neighbourhoods.

EDIH-EBE was therefore created as a one-stop hub offering various services to increase the digital knowledge, skills and experience of Flemish companies to give them a competitive edge.

Curious to find out more about the EDIH-EBE? You can find it on this page.

What to expect from the kick-off

During this opening event, you will get to know the functioning of the EDIH-EBE, learn more about the different services this European digital innovation hub has to offer, and get to know the right contacts right away.

Wim Dries, mayor of the city of Genk, will deliver the welcome speech. After this, you will get a glimpse of the future within the construction industry through keynotes by Maarten De Cuyper (VREG president) and Niki Cauberg (director Digital Construction Buildwise).



31 januari 2023

Thor Park, Genk, Belgium

Thor Park 7
3600 Genk Vlaams Gewest

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