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A  VITO Webinar Series

Separation processes play a significant role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, accounting for 40–70% of both capital and operating costs. Organic syntheses in these industries are frequently performed in organic solvents and consist of products with high added value that should be removed from the organic solvents. Additionally, organic solvents, used as raw materials, for chemical syntheses, and as cleaning agents, have to be recovered or discarded at the end of the process. Compared to more conventional techniques, membrane technology, when applied to “organic solvent nanofiltration” (OSN), offers several benefits in terms of economy, environment, and safety. With all the recent advancements in membrane design and application, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are more and more motivated to integrate membranes in processes where recovery of organic solvents or separation of high value organic compounds are needed.

This webinar series will give you a practical guide on how we at VITO make use of this technology and bring you up to speed on new processes and products, starting from lab developments to upscaling and piloting together with industry.

4 Webinars are scheduled in the period of 24/02/2022 - 24/03/2022 (see Program).

Participation to the webinars is free, but registration is mandatory.


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