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The EPOC project under the Energy Transition Fund brings together the expertise of 13 Belgian academic partners to improve current state-of-the-art energy models to provide a consistent calculation for Belgium’s long-term energy future.

To conclude the project, EnergyVille is hosting both a final live event in Genk and several online webinars, to which we would like to invite you.

The results of the project will show how a transition to a climate-neutral energy system in 2050 is possible. New model results will be shown on the security of supply in Belgium. In addition, decarbonization options for heating in the built environment, market models, transport policies, hydrogen and more will be presented in short presentations and a poster session.
To conclude the workshop, we would like to discuss with our panellists some of the key findings on the topic of long-term security of supply for the industry.

More information on the programme and registration can be found on the EnergyVille website



Begin: 9 mei 2023
Einde: 9 mei 2023

Thor Central, André Dumontlaan, Genk, Belgium

André Dumontlaan 67
3600 Genk Vlaams Gewest

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