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Your (digital) steps ahead in your energy services 

EDIH-EBE in collaboration with Agoria Building & Infrastructure Technology

Mark your calendars for February 29th and join us for an insightful EDIH-EBE event in collaboration with Agoria Building & Infrastructure Technology, where we delve into sustainable energy and intelligent systems.  

Take a unique behind-the-scenes tour of ETAP, where energy-efficient and innovative lighting solutions are crafted.


13:00: Welcome & Registration 

13:30: Introduction & Objectives, by Rudy Janssens (Agoria

13:45: Keynote on Energy Sharing, by Annelies Delnooz (VITO/EnergyVille

14:15: Presentation on ETAP 

14:35: Break 

14:45: Behind-the-Scenes at ETAP 

15:30: Presentation on EDIH-EBE: Digital transformation of energy applications in construction, by Johan Desmedt (VITO/EnergyVille

16:00: Question & Answer 

16:15: Networking 

17:30: End

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How to implement insights in your company:  

During the event, you will learn about the added value that EDIH-EBE (European Digital Innovation Hub – Energy in the Built Environment) can bring to your company. We will provide insight into the support we offer – including expert panels and/or proof of concept demos – with practical examples, tips, and the opportunities for your company. Furthermore, we showcase instances where EDIH-EBE provides both expertise and test infrastructure to answer your questions about technologies such as IoT, edge vs. cloud, AI, etc.  

This approach aims to develop new applications that result in energy consumption and/or cost savings, while also enhancing comfort, simplifying system maintenance, and more. Additionally, we elucidate how these new services can be tested in realistic conditions, possibly with real-end users.  

Practical Details:  

  • Where: ETAP (Antwerpsesteenweg 130, 2390 Malle) 
  • When: February 29, 2024 – from 13:00 to 17:30 


Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding of the future of energy services. Register now to be a part of this enriching event!  

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Start: 29 February 2024
End: 29 February 2024

ETAP Lighting International, Antwerpsesteenweg, Malle, België

Antwerpsesteenweg 130
2390 Malle Vlaams Gewest

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