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This completely new programme focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of battery systems, with a special emphasis on two key application domains: mobile applications, such as electric vehicles, and stationary applications, including grid-connected electrical energy storage systems.
The programme’s format provides a blend of lectures by experts and use cases from industry, combined with visits to various companies across Flanders.

On 25/2/2024 there will be a visit to the VITO/EnergyVille laboratories in Genk where VITO colleague Jeroen  Büscher will explain more about the cutting-edge infrastructure related to battery R&D, smart grids, intelligent EV- charging and vehicle-to-grid technologies.

You can find all relevant information here 


Start: January 18, 2024
End: March 28, 2024

KU Leuven - Gent, Campus Rabot, Gebroeders de Smetstraat, Ghent, Belgium

Gebroeders de Smetstraat 1
9000 Gent Vlaams Gewest

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